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Measuring Culture

Corporate culture has become a topic of national conversation. Organisational balance sheets and reputations are being severely impacted and regulatory scrutiny is intensifying. At the same [...]

Culture is Local

Culture also comes from the middle – not just from the top. It is also a local construct because conduct is sensitive to context. It is driven by social factors. Boards, leadership tea [...]

Risk Appetite

Formulating a risk management program without defining your Risk Appetite is like designing a bridge without knowing which river it needs to span. The bridge will be too long or too short,  [...]

Board Composition

Board composition is a critical issue that should concern the quality of board decision making, and not only a single selection criteria such as gender or age balance. Gender diversity is  [...]

Director Characteristics

Boards are spending a significant amount of time focusing on the technical process related to board procedures and responsibilities, and the control structures of the board. Whilst these [...]

Directorship Tenure

There was a time when a directorship was akin to a life peerage, where tenure was perpetual until the director became physically incapable of attending meetings. Today, the issue of boar [...]

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is part of a complex process involving regulations, guidelines and industry practices designed to monitor and manage the operations of organisations. It affords a se [...]

Board Culture

Corporate culture is enacted and continuously created by every member of an organisation through their day-to-day participation. It provides employees with (largely unspoken) rules for how  [...]

Boardroom Quotas

Establishing quotas within the boardroom is at the forefront of conversations surrounding improvements to board diversity. While there have been a number studies linking enhancement of b [...]

Director Skills

The skills and experience of directors is a topic of critical importance to fellow board members and shareholders. There is continual debate regarding the optimum skill-set for a director,  [...]

Board Performance

Contemporary boardrooms are significantly different environments from those prior to the GFC, and boards that do not keep pace with both regulatory and stakeholder expectations do so at the [...]

Advisory Boards

A relatively inexpensive and effective way to strengthen an organisation is by establishing an Advisory Board. Performance orientated organisations, including large conglomerates, statut [...]