Blackhall & Pearl 610
In order to maintain a successful business, organisations must create the conditions where people continue to respond positively to pressure and are successful at work, at home and within their communities.

The most progressive global organisations have reinvented their Performance Management process by adopting comprehensive Wellbeing programs for their employees.

Blackhall & Pearl Approach

At Blackhall & Pearl, we help our clients generate simple, local, real-time data, which helps them make smarter business decisions related to employee wellbeing. Our Talent Experience approach evaluates:

  • The availability and/or effectiveness of an organisational Wellbeing framework to ensure happier, healthier and more balanced people, which in turn leads to higher levels of performance and productivity.
  • The number of hours invested across the organisation on inefficient and/or detrimental-to-health processes.
  • The effective correlation between performance ratings and business metrics.
  • The transparency of talent related processes and how well they are understood and adopted by all stakeholders.

Client Benefits

The key benefits of our organisational Wellbeing framework include:

  • Improved employee health by helping people adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.
  • Reduced health risks such as blood glucose, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure caused by unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity.
  • Reduced health care costs by improving employee health related behaviours.
  • Improved productivity by minimising presenteeism where people are physically at work but are not working.
  • Improved employee recruitment and retention.
  • Higher and sustained employee morale.