Blackhall & Pearl 59
Effective governance directly improves organisational performance through clear accountabilities, decision-rights and purpose.

How and why decisions are made, and with what oversight, is essential to the fabric of every organisation yet rarely optimised. Internal requirements often introduce unnecessary bureaucracy and inefficiencies, going beyond what is needed to effectively manage risk.

Blackhall & Pearl Approach

  • We enable clients to execute their strategy and purpose by considering all elements of their governance holistically.
  • We test the alignment of each governance element with the organisation’s purpose, strategy and values and the interplay between them.
  • The results are presented in our Enterprise Governance Scorecard, highlighting the maturity and operational effectiveness of each element and the framework as a whole.
  • Enhancement opportunities are prioritised in a roadmap, with examples of good practice to make the recommendations easy to follow and apply.

Client Benefits

  • Improved performance through greater alignment effort with the desired outcomes.
  • Eliminatation of waste and duplication.
  • Reduced risk through a focus on the things that matter most.
  • Enhanced assessment and monitoring of corporate culture.
  • Results in the organisation being a better place to work in and work with.