Blackhall & Pearl 43
The best approach to Credit and Market risk involves the integration of quantitative methods with business acumen from people who know how the organisation operates.

We help our clients improve their Credit and Market Risk management across all the strategic decision and analytic focal points. This includes the development of models for Probability of Default, Loss given Default. Exposure at Default and derivative securities.

We also offer a range of services encompassing the training and mentoring of internal teams to a high performance status, ad-hoc reviews, and a unique approach to ongoing monitoring and validation.

Blackhall & Pearl Approach

  • We enjoy a unique status among consultants from having the breadth and depth of real world banking and financial markets experience at the risk coal-face.
  • This vast expertise acts as a valuable resource that informs all of our consulting on analytics and risk tool design.
  • We have an extensive knowledge of risk practices with insight on what can be achieved with systems, data, culture, modelling and machine learning.

Client Benefits

  • Bespoke solutions to risk issues that are informed by a wide experience across many local and global organisations.
  • We have a laser-like focus on corporate decision making, enabling our clients to overcome even the most stubborn risk management issues.
  • Our clients appreciate the way we share our experience and leverage it to create bridges across business lines within the organisation.
  • We constantly focus on how to create better decision tools by extracting maximum value from the wisdom lying dormant within the organisation.