Blackhall & Pearl 69
Technological change is driving the emergence of new labor models and new work/social contracts across all organisations, industries and geographies.

New labor models provide benefits to companies who favour lower overhead costs, and to talent who avoid commuting to work or simply prefer to be engaged remotely or temporarily. The need to move from a fixed cost (on balance sheet) approach to a more efficient and cost effective way to manage workforces (off balance sheet) is driving organisations towards an Open Talent framework.

At the same time, a generational shift is taking shape as the concepts of employer loyalty and “career ladders” / “career trajectory“ are giving way to the desire for diverse “career experiences”.

Blackhall & Pearl Approach

At Blackhall & Pearl, we understand the workforce of the future methodology, and the unique dynamics of the millennial and ageing workforces.

We also provide expert advice on Open Talent Networks as a way of the future to ensure your organisation is acutely aware of the changing Talent landscape and is able to competitively position itself at the forefront of talent management.

Client Benefits

At Blackhall & Pearl, we can help you shape and future proof your organisation through the adoption of Open Talent Networks and world-leading Artificial Intelligence.

This will enable you to transition your workforce to the desired future state in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, whilst gaining a unique competitive advantage in the global market.