Blackhall & Pearl 45
There has never been a more challenging time to be a Director. The market, regulatory and social pressures on boards to perform have increased dramatically.

Despite the heightened awareness and scrutiny on board performance, high profile boardroom failures continue to occur on a regular basis, disappointing the expectations of both stakeholders and incumbent directors.

Current Limitations

Whilst customary compliance and control factors represent a necessary and important foundation for effective governance, they are not the only drivers of optimum Board performance.

Just as important are the links between corporate strategy and Board objectives, the contribution of individual Directors and the behaviour of the Board as a team.

The Blackhall & Pearl Board Performance Model is based on Doctoral research with a major Australian university and one of the most extensive global market validation programs ever undertaken in the field of board performance.

Board Performance Model

Our Board Performance Model combines comprehensive compliance measures with innovative cultural factors that enhance the value of each Director’s contribution and the performance of the Board as a team.

Each element is linked to the objectives of the Board and the strategy of the organisation. This enables Boards to align their impact directly to the distinct strategic objectives of the organisation.

Our board review process is conducted in person and in confidence with each participant with no requirement for online surveys or paperwork. This provides a more effective and comfortable experience for participants and a greater level of meaningful insight from the review.