Blackhall & Pearl 73
Organisations are drowning in information while starving for wisdom – we intelligently mine and analyse existing data sets and unlock their true knowledge potential.

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the organisational environment is escalating rapidly, although extracting measurable utility from AI business tools is not necessarily straightforward.

At Blackhall & Pearl, our AI model has been developed in conjunction with the leading global thinkers and academic researches in the field and has been trained and applied across numerous organisations. In particular, our AI model enhances workplace productivity, engagement, innovation, conduct and compliance.

The key difference of our AI model is the depth of its learning and the combination of social network structure, social network dynamics and content analysis. The latter is present in various AI tools, whereas social network structure/dynamics are often absent. This means that many AI tools are neglecting up to 66% of the information relevant to their objectives.

Blackhall & Pearl Approach

Our AI tool enables organisations to measure, predict and shape a number of behavioural factors including:

  • The type of culture and individual conduct evolving throughout the organisation.
  • The likelihood and level of adhesion of behavioural change amongst individuals.
  • The degree of alignment to purpose, vision, mission and codes of conduct.
  • The level of effective management by teams and individuals.
  • The level of challenging and issue escalation empowerment.
  • The level of innovation generation and implementation effectiveness.
  • The level of employee motivation and engagement on key issues.
  • The level of internal stakeholder satisfaction with key issues.
  • The level of trust and commitment within the organisation.
  • The level of employee productivity and engagement.
  • The likelihood of individual employee misconduct.

Our combined approach using both internal social networks and content analysis will:

  • Scale much better in any client environment.
  • Identify hidden patterns of communication (rather than just using code words).
  • Automatically find the code words through influencer detection.
  • Identify key influencers (we call them Culture Carriers) that are using these patterns to determine how they are influencing their peers.

Client Benefits

The key benefits of our AI model include:

  • Provides far greater accuracy in a faster manner, using significantly less computational resources than typically required.
  • Excludes relevant personal employee information from the analysis to enhance individual privacy.
  • Can be adopted on a modular basis where the level of data analysis can range from simple email communication patterns, to email header and all the way to email content.
  • Provides dynamic monitoring and reporting of culture on a monthly basis without the need for more static methods such as surveys, workshops or focus group feedback.
  • The Board has a much clearer view of the risk culture and conduct of the organisation.
  • The C-Suite has a predictive warning system of risk culture practices throughout the organisation.
  • Management has a synchronous dashboard for risk culture performance monitoring.
  • Business units and teams have a risk culture benchmarking improvement framework.
  • Can significantly reduce the cost of organisational transformation as it focuses on the key influencers who can then spread the desired culture throughout the organisation like a virus via internal networks.
  • Can increase the speed of organisational transformation by up to 8 times faster than normal methods and the change is far more enduring and adhesive.