Blackhall & Pearl 51
A comprehensive and resilient governance framework remains the basis of an effective board performance program.

Whilst an effective governance framework is critical, this is nevertheless the floor and not the ceiling of an optimum board performance program. At Blackhall & Pearl, we combine comprehensive compliance measures with innovative behavioural factors that enhance the performance of the Board as a team and the value of each Director’s contribution.

This helps our Board clients move from a boardroom culture of conformance to performance.

When traditional ‘technical’ conformance factors are combined with appropriate ‘cultural’ factors (see Performance Factors), there is a tangible opportunity to optimise board performance.

Technical or conformance related factors essentially function as lagging indicators in a board review process. These factors continue to be useful and provide an understanding of how the Board is performing at the present time and encompass:

  • Board Governance criteria;
  • Board Composition criteria; and
  • Director Skills and Experience criteria.