Blackhall & Pearl 31
Effective risk management drives the creation of enterprise value by advancing innovation, strengthening resilience and enhancing performance – we call this “value from risk”.

Our approach to risk management is different. We enhance enterprise value rather than solely focus on the traditional protection of that value. This requires a meticulous appreciation of corporate strategy, board and executive objectives, organisational capacity and the future operating environment.

At the core of our risk management constitution is a unique model that assesses, shapes, ingrains and predicts organisational culture and individual conduct: Quantum-iQ. This enables us to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of risk management capability that drives organisational innovation, resilience and performance.

Risk Management Strategy

We work directly with boards, executive leadership teams and internal experts in providing:

  • Risk culture assessment, shaping, ingraining and prediction.
  • Risk management framework and function design.
  • Risk management framework reviews and benchmarking.
  • Risk capital measurement and business unit attribution.
  • Regulatory review preparation and issues resolution.
Risk Management Tactics

We diagnose, analyse, provide insights and formulate plans for a range of risk elements, including:

  • Risk appetite frameworks.
  • Risk indicator development and reporting.
  • Operational risk management
  • Credit and market risk management.
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to risk management.