Blackhall & Pearl 950
Identifying and understanding the type of influencers in the general public that drive the perception of an organisation’s brand is critical.

Technology and in particular the advent of Artificial Intelligence now makes it possible to objectively analyse the perception of a brand in the global market and the way that perception is being influenced in certain directions. This analysis is achieved through the medium of the internet using geo-tagging (i.e. the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media) and can be undertaken globally or dissected into different target markets.

Blackhall & Pearl Approach

At Blackhall & Pearl, we undertake the following brand and reputational analysis using our advanced AI technology:

  • Identify the context of the brand and in particular its competitors.
  • Measure the relative strength of the brand and its competitors.
  • Identify the brand’s associated influencers and rank them by influence.

The process involves analysing three different types of online information to track the context, strength and influencers of a brand:

  • The Crowd: This reflects the broad masses and these people are found mostly on Twitter. The Crowd likes to follow well-trodden paths and tends to get on board bandwagons so may not reveal the true influencers of an organisation’s brand.
  • The Experts: These people can be journalists, critics or professional consultants and are primarily found on web blogs and news sites. Experts are paid to give advice and opinions and can therefore have opaque agendas or even conflicts of interest.
  • The Swarm: These people come together independently to discuss relevant topics and can be found in the form of Wikipedia editors, Facebook groups and domain-specific online forums. Swarm participants are intrinsically motivated (i.e. without any obvious external incentives/rewards) and can provide a unique level of insight into brand perception and emerging sentiment.

Client Benefits

The key benefits of our AI model include:

  • Provides a rich method of analysing the impact of an organisation’s brand, products and services in its markets and communities.
  • Identifies the organisation’s key influencers of public perception and ranks them according to importance.
  • Distinguishes between the activities and impact of the Crowd (broad masses), Experts (paid to give advice) and the Swarm (intrinsically motivated thought leaders).
  • Through geo-tagging, the analysis of brand, products and influence can be drilled-down into very specific target markets.
  • Provides dynamic monitoring and reporting of organisational brand perception by finding the key trendsetters for that brand.
  • The Board has a much clearer view of the brand perception of the organisation, which can be dissected by product and geographical markets.
  • The C-Suite has a predictive system for the perception and evolution of the organisation’s reputation and social capital.
  • Management has a synchronous dashboard for brand perception and social capital.
  • Business units and teams have a product and service benchmarking improvement framework in relation to any identified competitors.