Blackhall & Pearl 61
Culture has a major impact on how decisions are made and should be taken into account when considering how effectively the organisation is governed.

An organisation’s purpose, stated values, decision-rights, rules and incentives all play important roles in shaping culture.   Culture is also significantly influenced by people’s social networks – the colleagues they interact with every day.

Blackhall & Pearl Approach

At Blackhall & Pearl, we test alignment between the stated values and what is actually valued, and enable the stated values to be embedded into daily activities.

We also examine the impacts on culture of the organisation’s governance framework and identify barriers to the desired culture.

Our Culture model, Quantum-iQ assesses, aligns, shapes, benchmarks, predicts and monitors group culture and individual conduct.

Client Benefits

  • We enable boards and executives to assess whether the stated values are being lived and actively shape the desired culture.
  • Our unique approach expedites local behavioural change up to 8 times faster than traditional change methods and in a much more permanent manner.
  • Change is targeted to the specific behaviours most needed to deliver the strategy, supported by aligning policies and processes with the desired culture, and removing impediments.