Blackhall & Pearl 67
Transforming people is just as important as the transformation of the organisation. To have an impact, HR functions must develop advanced capabilities to align HR structure and services with business growth and operational excellence.

Companies today face significant Talent challenges that barely existed a few years ago.  To drive the Next Generation HR Transformation, organisations and their HR functions need to embrace innovation and disruption. This includes digital business and cloud, mobile, analytics, and AI technologies.

Blackhall & Pearl Approach

At Blackhall & Pearl, we help organisations and their HR Executives in building an effective Talent and HR strategy that is built solely around their unique business requirements – not just a template.

This includes:

  • What are your organisation’s aspirations and goals for Talent?
  • Where will you play?
  • How will you win in the chosen Talent markets?
  • What capabilities must be in place to win?
  • What management system are required?

Advanced HR capabilities enable the organisation to execute its business strategy more effective and improve performance across the entire enterprise – not just within the HR function. To this end, we also provide Talent solutions that drive change, including:

  • Corporate and Organisational Restructuring.
  • Building HR Capability/Efficiency.
  • Restructuring the HR Organisation.
  • Talent Data Management & Analysis.
  • Changing Organisational Culture.
  • Future focused Learning & Development including content curation.

Client Benefits

At Blackhall & Pearl, our experience and expertise will transform your HR & People strategies using world class and disruptive approaches.

This will enable you to change your organisation to successfully adapt to future business demands. The benefits of our approach include:

  • Enabling your organisation to become the destination of choice for Talent.
  • Making diversity and inclusion the core to your success.
  • Becoming known for developing inspirational world class people leaders.