Blackhall & Pearl 655
Purpose-led organisations outperform in the long run, are trusted and have secure social licences to operate.

Purpose-led organisations dramatically outperform their peers (see Firms of Endearment [Sisodia, Wolfe and Sheth, 2014]).  They take a long term view, are driven by their contribution to society, and genuinely help all stakeholders to thrive.  They clearly understand why they exist and that drives everything they do, which builds trust and leads to sustainable outperformance for the long term.

Blackhall & Pearl Approach

  • We help clients transform through uncovering and embedding their true Purpose.
  • We deliver a clear, shared understanding of why the organisation exists and how it contributes to society.
  • The Purpose is embedded into all elements of the organisation’s governance to guide decision-making and build a competitive advantage in culture and performance.

Client Benefits

  • Long-term outperformance.
  • A competitive advantage in culture.
  • Engaged, aligned and motivated employees.
  • Improved relationships with stakeholders.
  • A platform to rebuild public trust and secure the organisation’s social licence.
  • Provides an anchor for strategy and a compass for decision-making.